SigmaStim Σigma

The Sum of All ECT Neuromodulation Innovations in One Device

The SigmaStim Σigma (pronounced Sigma, and herein after called, Σigma) is the most advanced ECT device ever produced. Learn more about the Σigma

Σigma EMR Software

The Σigma EMR© Software has been updated to communicate with the Σigma device. Σigma EMR is database software designed specifically for ECT that markedly extends the capabilities of the Σigma device. Learn more about Σigma EMR software


Σigma Starter Kit

An extensive starter kit is included at no extra charge with the purchase of a Σigma ECT Device. This starter kit has everything the clinician and BioMed need to get an ECT program up and running. The items in the Starter Kit are the essential supplies needed to use the Σigma in ECT delivery. Some of these items are disposable, and must be resupplied on a regular basis. Learn more about the Σigma Starter Kit.


Σigma Accessories

Σigma optional accessories have been designed, tested and approved for use with the Σigma ECT device. As your one source purchase option, Σigma offers all of the accessories for your ECT service. By purchasing your accessories through Σigma or one of its international distributors, you can be assured of the best performance and value. Learn more about the Σigma Accessories.


Σigma Instructional Materials

The Σigma comes with extensive instructional materials. The Instruction Manual for the device has three books. Book 1: Use of the Device, Book 2: Clinical Issues in the Administration of ECT, and Book 3: Service Manual. In addition, each Σigma comes with a Patient and Family Information Booklet that address common questions about ECT and a USB drive for ECT providers that contains two videos: 1) A Guided Tour of the Σigma, and 2) A Simulated ECT Session Using the Σigma. Learn more about the Σigma Instructional Materials.